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Sculpture Portfolio: Awards & Corporate Gifts

2010 Medistar Award

2010 Medistar Award Pewter Repoussé Awarded to outstanding medical professionals. Kaviar Forge has been creating these awards for many years.

Beargrass Creek Award

Beargrass Creek Award Developed around a Volkswagen found in Beargrass Creek after many years

Awarded to Bill Samuels by the Frank

Awarded to Bill Samuels by the Frankfort Avenue Business Association

Mayor Abramson's Award

Mayor Abramson's Award wrought iron sculpture Awarded by Louisville Bicycle Club in 2010. Forged iron abstract sculpture on limestone base.

Award made by Craig Kaviar

Award comprised of various bits of ironwork to give it a "reused, recycled" aesthetic

Award made by Craig Kaviar

Awarded each year to a homeowner in Jeffersonville, IN.

Repoussé Purse Hanger

Repoussé Purse Hanger pewter and sterling silver 2 inch diameter These can be customized with your business logo!

Evergreen Rehab Logo

Evergreen Rehab Logo forged iron 4ft. high

Award made by Craig Kaviar
Forged Iron Horse

Forged Iron Horse on Granite Base

Gutenberg’s 400th Birthday

Gutenberg’s 400th Birthday Wrought Iron Sculpture Artists Exchange in Louisville’s Sister City Mainz, Germany Forged iron Gothic ‘G’ with piercing black iron rose

2015 Spark Awards

2015 Spark Awards Forge iron inspired by Alberto Giacometti

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