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Architecture Portfolio: Fountains

St. Michael Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font Forged copper on boulder base for St. Michael’s Church in Jeffersonville, KY 64” x 40” x 36”. The boulder was found at the site where the church was originally built, and the patina of the copper set to complement the stone, as though growing from the earth around the boulder, symbolic of the rock the Christian church was founded upon. In addition to the font there are four holy water containers with slumped glass.

Kaviar forge fountain

Fountain with Leaves Forged copper basin with water flowing through copper branches and leaves on bronze base

Kaviar forge fountain sculpture

Reaching for Balance Owensboro Hospital Forged copper tree sculpture measuring 54” x 48” x 45”. Built for a place of contemplation, reflection, and relaxation, the hospital courtyard is grounded by the innate strength in this forged copper. These forged copper tree limbs garnishes weave in between each other creating a sense of steady rhythm and movement as they ascend vertically into the sky.

kaviar forge Down Spout Fountain

Copper Down Spout Fountain Forged copper pipe collects water, and flows as a fountain when it rains

Kaviar forge fountain
Kaviar forge fountain

Euphony fountain

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