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Liturgical Portfolio

kaviar forge mausoleum door

Tall Grass Mausoleum (Companion to Root cellar door)

gates of prayer

Gates of Prayer 8ft x 8ft Forged iron and gold leaf menorah in center. The concept of Hiddur Mitzvah is a Jewish belief in not only fulfilling the commandments but doing so with beauty and ceremony. The gates reflect this concept by being functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Created in 1990 for the Jewish Community Center in Louisville, KY.

kaviar forge cross

Community of Christ Church, Louisville KY

kaviar forge headstone

Star of David Headstone Wrought Iron Memorial Adath of Sherum Cemetery, Louisville KY

kaviar forge baptismal font

Baptismal Font Forged copper on boulder base for St. Michael’s Church in Jeffersonville, KY 64” x 40” x 36”. The boulder was found at the site where the church was originally built, and the patina of the copper set to complement the stone, as though growing from the earth around the boulder, symbolic of the rock the Christian church was founded upon. In addition to the font there are four holy water containers with slumped glass.

Holocaust Memorial Menorah

Holocaust Memorial Menorah Commissioned by The Temple Brotherhood, Congregation Adath Israel Brith Sholom in 1995. This large Menorah pays homage to the strength of the Holocaust survivors while remembering the tragic demise of so many. The 6 candleholders are symbolic of the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. This piece represents the DNA of the people under great stress of the devilish hooves underneath.

Eternal Light sculpture

Eternal Light Created for the Jewish Hospital Chapel Forged bronze Jewish star with a receding cone representing the light of eternity shining through. The gold leaf interior exhibits a brilliant light within, evoking a heavenly feeling in the viewer.

kaviar forge candle holders

St. Boniface Catholic Church, Louisville KY

kaviar forge candle holders

St. Boniface Catholic Church, Louisville KY

kaviar forge menorahs

Forged Iron Menorahs

kaviar forge cross

Iron Cross on stone base 49”H x 31”W x 16”L Massive piece of iron that is cut and split out of one piece to create the cross

kaviar forge tree sculpture

Nursing Tree Forged iron on limestone base commissioned in 2008 for Episcopal Home Church by a private family in memoriam of a child who died prematurely. The sculpture presents a stump of a deceased tree, which nourishes the nursing tree growing from it. The nursing tree flourishes from the nutrients of the deceased tree in a cycle of regeneration that will provide seeds and the next generation’s nutrients. There is some comfort in the triumph of life experienced within this cycle. 8ft x 4ft.

holy water font

Holy Water Font

kaviar forge crosses

Assorted Iron Crosses

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