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Kaviar Forge Memorial Bench

Forged Iron Outdoor Loveseat Memorial Bench for Sam Henney from class of 2011 St. Francis High School, Louisville KY

Kaviar Forge Chair

Twisting Botanica Chair Forged Iron H 30.25” W 18” L 18” Glass: 26” dia. Leafy tendrils curve harmoniously to form the structure of this functional art piece. Kaviar’s forged ironwork is sealed with a natural, hand-rubbed wax finish.

Kaviar Forge Bench

Cemetery Bench Wrought Iron, bronze medallions, and polished concrete Adath of Sherum Cemetery, Louisville KY

Kaviar Forge Chair

Armless Chair with Leaves and Bird Forged Iron H 28” W 20” L 20” This latticework chair incorporates the organic forms of birds and leaves often showcased in Kaviar’s work. All parts were forged in the artist’s eco-friendly waste vegetable oil forge.

Kaviar Forge Chair

Iron Chair with Leaves Forged Iron H 41” W 24” L 20” weight: 38lbs This forged iron chair is embellished with latticework and organic forms found in nature. The iron was forged using Kaviar’s waste-vegetable oil forge, with oil donated by various neighborhood restaurants.

Kaviar Forge stool

Flora and Fauna Bar Stool Forged Iron H 30” W 18“ L 18” weight: 25lbs Natural forms and wildlife come together to form a functional iron creation. Kaviar’s ironwork is created using a repurposed air hammer, originally built to be carried on a battleship in World War II. Using this tool makes Kaviar feel he is carrying out the biblical message of hammering swords into plowshares.

Kaviar Forge stool

Wrought Leaves Short Stool Forged Iron H 24” W 18“ L 18”

Kaviar Forge furniture set

Iron Furniture

Kaviar Forge bench

Cushioned Bench Bronze bench inspired by Giacometti’s Etruscan tables. (Two of these benches were created for singer-songwriter, Reba Macentire)

Kaviar Forge Bench

Wrought Iron Bench at Yew Dell Gardens, Louisville KY

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